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Planning to host a Super Bowl Party this year? A survey financed by the insurance industry found many Americans that host Super Bowl parties are underinsured.

If a party guest drinks, drives and causes an accident the party host can be held responsible in over thirty states. Up to 53 percent of hosts believe they should be held responsible, yet most haven’t taken the proper steps to protect themselves.

The survey data showed – an estimated 28.5 million people hosting parties between the holidays and the Super Bowl – that 21.4 million do not have the proper personal umbrella insurance policy, leaving themselves vulnerable to potential lawsuits and financial ruins should the worst happen. The remaining 7.2 million hosts say they don’t know what coverage they do have, also leaving them unprotected.

There are many ways that you can protect yourself and lower your risk of liability when hosting a party according to a news release about the survey distributed by Lakeland Insurance Company.

As much as 84 percent of the people surveyed say they would stop serving their guests if the had too much to drink. However, a startling 35 percent of them had ever actually done so.

The Agency Suggests:

• Limit your guest list to those you know.
• Host a party at a restaurant or bar that has a liquor license, rather than in a home or office.
• Provide filling food for guests and alternative non-alcoholic beverages.
• Schedule entertainment or activities that do not involve alcohol.
• Arrange transportation or overnight accommodations for those who should not drive.
• Stop serving alcohol at least one hour before the party is scheduled to end.
• Consider hiring an off-duty police officer to discreetly monitor guests’ sobriety or handle any alcohol-related problems as guests leave.
• Stay alert, always remembering your responsibilities as a host.
• Review your liability insurance coverage.

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